Carding Method

Basic Terms Of Carding You Must Know CCN ,CVV,Fulls,Dump

CCN (Credit Card Number) – Includes the number of the card and expiration date, no name or address.

CVV (Credit Verification Value) / (Card Security Code) / CVV2
The number on the back of the card used for verification purposes. 3 digit number for visa/mc and 4 digit for AMEX (American Express) (There is also CVV1 which is a verification number that is written into the mag stripe on the back of the card that is read when the card is swiped)

Drop– an address where you can send carded goods, not your own house or friend or relatives.
SSN (Social Security Number) – one of the details of CC holder , used to bypass security measures
MMN (Mothers Maiden Name) – Comes in handy when bypassing security measures on VBV/MCSC. One of your security question.
DOB – Date of Birth – Used to bypass some security measures.
COB (Change of Billing) – Some stores will only ship large/high priced items if the shipping and billing info match, these can be obtained through some cvv sellers, usually in the form of a Full
Fulls –You listen many times Fulls/ Fullz. It is nothing but CC Details with more info eg. security question answers, SSN, DOB, MMN, etc. which can be usedfor COB, etc.  AVS (Address Verification Service) – System that checks the billing address entered against the credit card companys
VBV (Verified by Visa) – Extra verification process initially added by visa, there are different types of authentication used, most notably would be a password, date of birth, social security number, or mothers maiden name.
MCSC (MasterCard SecureCode) – MC (MasterCard) adopted this process after VBV came out, basically the same thing but with mastercards.
POS (Point of Sale) – Terminal at a physical shop where the card is swiped/read
Dump – The information that is written onto the magnetic stripe on the back of the card, the only way to get these is with a skimmer, comes in different tracks which ) will not be explaining – a dump would look like 4131980030032319=11101010000000006460
Skimmer – A device that is normally attached to an atm where you insert your card, which records your card information (there are other varients, that is the most common)
Embosser – A device that stamps the cards to produce the raised lettering
Tipper – A device that adds the gold/silver accents to the embossed characters  MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader/Writer) – Used in the carding scene for writing dumps (and drivers license, student ID) info to blank cards or giftcards (if you want to use blank white
cards, you will need a printer for the card template, embosser/tipper also, which can get costly to buy)
BIN (Bank Identification Number) – The first 6 digits of a card number (this will be gone over in more detail later on)
Novs (Novelty ID / Fake ID) – Commonly used for signing at drops, store pickups, WU Drops, Bank Drops, etc.

VPN (Virtual Private Network ) – This will change your IP to wherever the location is of the VPN server. This is used with a application rather than through your browser as with socks. Watch out as some VPN providers will keep logs. But it leaks our DNS info so it is nt safe
BTC (Bitcoin) – It is a digital currency. Used for buying anything in digital world. You need it to buy CC, SOCKS, VPN etc. You have to exchange your local currency (INR/Dollar etc) to BTC. You can create wallet her  or