BIN List, open-sourced 343,063 BINS

An open-source database of 343,063 BIN numbers and 13,348 banks to find detailed information about the issuing bank, including the scheme/network, level of the card, the card type, the bank name, and the country the card was issued in.

This repository is an open-source list of Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN), which are more commonly known as a Bank Identification Number (BIN).

The leading 6-8 numbers of a credit or debit card are used to identify the issuing bank or financial institution

Using the list

You are free to use this list for any purpose, including private or commercial use.

This data is not an official IIN register. I scraped and compiled this data to help with learning Python, and although it is a fairly comprehensive and accurate BIN list, it’s not perfect. Use at your own risk!

If you do use this list in your own projects, please link to the site if you can. I’d like to get some contributions to improve the list over time and the more people who see the site, the more contributors we might get.