Carding Method

How To Card Banggood?Carding Method


• Socks 5 proxy
• Live cc
• Any paid vpn or RDP

Method To Card Banggood

• Open Firefox
• Create a gmail or yahoo same as cc address name
• Clear history and cache using cc cleaner of browser
• Connect your socks 5 ( SOCKS 5 should not be blacklisted and not public)
• Go to banggood create account add billing of cc owner and keep name as cc owner
• Then add product below 40k keep it in card for 30min
• Check to proceed remember seller contact number and email address please read( CUSTOM CLEARANCE BEFORE ORDERING)
• After your order is done you will get email regarding your order
• Don’t think now you should disconnect all tools
• Keep your pc 4 hours with hma or any vpn you used duing card and socks 5 connected
• And be seeing that your pc doesn’t go to sleep keep it alive till 4 hours
• After 4 hours open firefox check order see weather it live or cancelled
• Chill if your order is live logout from your banggood account off all tools clear data
• Then again after 14 hours connect your vpn login login into banggood see weather your order is been shipped or not if shipped follow next part??

Which Bin is Best for Banggood ??

I would or anyone will recommended You Nonvbv Fullz LISTED BELOW


489765, 486791, 485178, 483347, 482500, 482070, 482052, 482028, 482024, 481996, 480684, 480659, 480392, 478864, 475800, 473549, 473489

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  • June 12, 2019
i want to know about amazon carding
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  • June 16, 2019
any other method?