Carding Method

How to Card ? Amazon Carding Method

Requirement: 1) PC or phone
2) Clean RDP
3) 911 socks
Note: There are two method one with old account and one with new one…

Method 1 with new account:
First of all make a gmail with cc owner name or shipping address name…
Connect your RDP then connect socks to zip or state….
Go to surf for 5 mins then sign up add some products the remove it, after this logout from the account…
Then after 5-10mins login again in with the same account add some products and remove it just like old one….
Before checking out add 1-2 products up-to 1k to the cart then check out with only one product of your choice, check out with gift option and put cc owner name as a sender….
Put billing and shipping same as your drop address. Also put shipping name in cc owner name section…
When the order is placed successfully try a email bombing on cc owner, after that try a product with high value…

Method 2 with old account:
First of all connect your socks to zip…
Go to login with your old
account surf for 10mins then logout and go to add a product in your cart up-to 2k..
Check out as gift option with shipping and billing is equal to your drop
Note : chances are higher in 2nd METHOd.. As well you can card big amount of product in this method

Firing bins : 440066

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    Azhar Saleem
  • June 13, 2019
which is the best bins for amazon indian